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RenewingAfrica is an online collaboration portal for curating and aggregating links to the most relevant, practical, and authoritative content on the subject of renewable energy and clean tech in Africa. Our objective is to help catalyze the growth of renewable energy towards global economic development, energy security, and climate change mitigation. We recognize that energy will continue to be critical to our lives, and renewable, alternative, or clean energy will undoubtedly play a significant role in any future energy mix.

Our Approach

We comb through multiple sources and databases to bring you the links to the most relevant and dynamic content on renewable energy. We go beyond just reporting news on renewable energy, and we are focused on delivering content that is most useful to the business and entrepreneurial ecosystems. We leverage our proprietary technologies and subject matter expertise to review, cull and curate the information we present. As an added value, we organize the information into meaningful and practical categories to ensure that you get the best information in the most efficient way.

How You Can Collaborate

First, we invite you to browse the portal and review the contents. Next, we encourage you to sign up or register to comment or rank existing content, or suggest additional content for inclusion in the portal. As a registered member, you can also receive the latest additions to the portal by email. For enterprises and other commercial partners, we invite you to post your job openings, company profiles, or advertise other services in our "Services" section.

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